Revit Architecture Training Institute

Compusoft has design Autodesk Revit Architecture training which is used by mostly student of architect & Civil engineerings. The one who is working the construction firms, who delicately work on Exterial Designing work for there projects. Revit architecture training is given special for building information modeling so that much more facilitates given and better construction environment can be created with smarter look. Revit can help you to create 3D model so easily that it will save your TIME, MONEY & ENERGY.

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Course Contents

  • Exploring user interface, Revit Architecture basics, creating and modifying levels and creating and modifying walls.
  • About element properties, about component families, adding and modifying floors, doors, windows.
  • Adding and modifying roofs (soffit, footprint, extrusion) and creating openings.
  • Presenting the building plan, filled region, color legend and using text and dimensions.
  • Adding and modifying stairs, railing, ramps. Import and export. Revision & test.
  • Using materials, textures and creating renderings. Creating exterior view (Topo surface, sub-region, building pad, etc.)
  • Creating interior views (use of lights and ceilings etc.) Revision and test.
  • Massing and its applications. Sheet layout, detailing and drafting.
  • Construction documentation. Revision and test.
  • Using walkthroughs. Using sun and shadow settings, managing images.
  • Brushing up and time for model. Revision & test.
  • Adding and modifying curtain walls. Using editing commands.
  • Project Work

Revit Architecture training in surat Revit Architecture training in surat